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Salon Riviera
Erica Owner/Stylist
My four sisters and I grew up on the Key Peninsula. In 2003 I graduated from Peninsula High School. After attending community college, I finally realized my true passion. I attended the Salon Professional Academy in 2006 and worked at Sul Mare Salon and Spa until August 2009, when my sister and I decided to take our careers to the next level and open Salon Riviera. We are so thankful for all our family and friends for making our dream a reality.

As salon owners, we know it is important to not fall into old routines. We try to keep all of our staff inspired, especially ourselves. I have the desire to know the latest in hair care. You will find this out as my client. I will always be trying new products and techniques. We hold many classes a year at our salon. We also enjoy going to hair shows. The trend launch parties are a great excuse for all us girls to get together and laugh at all the crazy styles they try and tell us are coming next season.

I love getting to know all of the people I have met doing hair. It is such a complement when my clients come back to me and say how they have been able to manage it. I understand the effect that a good or bad hair day can have. I pride myself on giving my clients a great style that requires a minimum effort to upkeep. I give everyone specialized service to recommend new ideas and quick techniques for any occasion.